Tukia Consulting – Agility to measuring

Tukia Consulting Ltd offers tailor-made solutions for your energy consumption monitoring needs. If you are uncertain, e.g., how the electricity consumption of your building is divided between various consumers or how the consumption varies throughout the days, you have come to the right specialist.

We consult you on how to choose the monitoring equipment and how to install them, or we can offer these services to provide you with an easy procedure for knowing how your electricity bill is composed.

Real-time consumption of office room appliances:

Special deals straigh from our partner:
EMU Energy and Power meters

Swiss quality at the right price! More info from Takowa or us, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are specialized in measuring challenging consumers, such as elevators, which have a low standby electricity demand while having high short-term power peaks. We also offer error compensation methods for the measurement data to provide scientifically accurate readings.

If you are searching information on meters and where to purchase them, please contact us, and we will forward your message straight to the proper distributor.

In short, we are service-minded people with passion for measuring.

At the moment, we are offering need mapping with cost estimate, free of charge, so contact us and let’s measure!