We offer a set of service packages for you to choose from, depending on your needs and situation. For any questions please contact us.

Consulting package

  • Recommendation for measuring equipment and supportive systems for your needs (customer purchases the equipment)
  • Consulting the installation (customer uses its own electrician)
  • Confirming the functionality of the measuring system
  • Instructing the customer on the use of remote monitoring features

Turnkey package 

  • Includes:
    • Meters, data logger and supportive equipment,
    • Consulting package,
    • and installation performed by a subcontractor of Tukia Consulting Ltd

Analytics package 

  • Written report and analyzed data
    • Average daily profiles with, e.g., 5-minute time segregation
    • Annual consumption estimates of consumers
    • General discussion of readings

High-accuracy short-term measurements 

  • As fast as 10 ms data point resolution
  • Voltage, current, active and reactive power, active and reactive energy, harmonics, …
  • Suitable for logging and plotting high-speed changes

Error determination and compensation service 

  • Concurrent readings from accurate reference meter and installed long-term meter will be compared to derive power-based error compensation factors, and these factors are used to correct the long-term readings affecting, e.g., average power profiles and annual consumption estimates.
  • Also includes the description of the error compensation method along with identified error percentages
Additional services will commonly be charged on hourly basis. The monthly cost of managing the remote monitoring connection depends on the provider of the connection.
Depending on the electricity grid of the building and measuring needs, the prices of the packages may vary.

We reserve the right to make changes in the terms and conditions of the packages.