With our services you can:

  • Strengthen the environmental performance of your company
  • Find out the electricity consumption pattern and structure of your building
  • Find out possible hidden consumers and optimize the functionality of building automation and production processes
  • Receive a reference value for your electricity bill
  • Identify, for example, energy consumption, electric currents, voltages or power patterns of individual consumer groups or appliances
  • See the momentary or historical readings by phase easily on the internet browser of your computer, tablet or smart phone

We also offer measuring systems capable of recording both consumption and generation (present for example in line-braking elevators). Consumption and generation have their own data registers, boosting the amount of information gathered. The system can also monitor reactive powers and reactive energies, electric currents, voltages, and power factors.

Division of electricity consumption between elevators on Smart-me cloud service.

In addition, our high-accuracy measurements can provide information on, for example, harmonic components of the grid, and the meter data can be used to determine the accuracies of other measuring equipment in actual building environment.